Friday, 27 February 2015



H folks I'm holding a house warming party,
I hope you can come along.
Alex can strum on his guitar,
And maybe sing us a song.

Arlee can do some juggling,
I heard how good he is.
Sherry must come with her family
They have an answer for everything gee whizz.

Dixie must come in fancy dress,
I read about what she achieves.
Gregg must also be a guest,
To say a prayer as we kneel on our knees.

Pat must also be a guest
Along with his cat.
Pat without his cat wouldn't be the same
And that my friends would be that.

Hank is always a welcome guest,
Such wonderful poetry he writes.
Very inspirational to say the least.
An asset to the blogging site.

I do hope ALL of you can attend,
Moving has made me skint.
So should you want something stronger than water,
Please can you bring your own drinks?

Copyright Yvonne Lewis. 27/02/2015


  1. The cat will stop on by following that Pat guy

    1. Thanks for the comment as you pass by.

  2. We will be there!! I can't sing like Daniel, but I can play for you. Maybe Pat's cat can yowl for you.

    1. Good that you will play for us, Daniel may turn up who knows????? It would be good to have a cat at Nashvillecats Party.

  3. Thank you so much for your invite Yvonne! You know very well Hank will be there. He'll be the one to come up first in the crowd and perhaps stays on last. The crowd this far seems lots of fun! Enjoy yourself! Hank is so happy for you!


    1. Great to know you would come, you have been a good friend over a period of time as all the rest have, much appreciated.

  4. I'll be there in fancy dress, with bells on my shoes. It's more fun dancing.
    Thank you for the invite. I'll bring some peanut butter cookies.(smile) and coffee.

  5. Look forward to you being there Dixie, should be fun........if only on line.