Friday, 13 February 2015



As you may well know I'm moving,
These are the things I;ll no longer see.
Sybil and Cyril the Squirrels
Having fun in the old tree.

Also the lovely magpies,
Eating the bird seeds in the morn.
I wonder if they'll miss me
Feeling hungry and forlorn.

 Then there is the Jay,
Who often frequent the scene.
Although I'm pleased to be moving,
To the wildlife I feel quite mean.
Of course no garden is complete
Without the common blackbird.
A garden without a blackbird in
Would be totally absurd.
 One must not forget the Robin,
Who is there all year round.
He's quite a wonderful character,
As he makes his cheerful sound.
 Then  from my lounge window,
The lovely cherry tree.
I watch for many a hour
The wildlife having fun with ease.
Soon I shall be off to begin a new life,
I wonder what will be in store for me.
But never far from my mind
Will be the squirrels and birds you see.

Copyright Yvonne Lewis 14/02/2015


  1. Yvonne, I felt the same way when I moved from a home of 18 years, to my new home...almost four years now. I think that all the creatures I left must have contacted family living here. "Hey, she's headed your way - get ready for a steady diet of yummies." Oh and I now have chipmunks. 12 last summer. A fox, two hawks, five deer, bluebirds, and loads of squirrels. Seems I'm the new kid in town.

    Hang in there - the best is yet to come.(smile).

  2. Many thanks for your wonderful comment, Where I'm moving there is no garden so I don't suppose will see much wildlife.
    Enjoy your week-end.

  3. Sure there will be a lot more to see in the new place

  4. Sadly there is no garden where I'm moving. Thanks Pat for the comment,

  5. Maybe your old friends - the birds and squirrels and others - will no longer be with you, but you'll always have the memories. And you never know what you may see, from day to day. Perhaps a butterfly as it flies by on it's way to wherever. Sending hugs and prayers for a beautiful new beginning with blessings every day.

    1. Many thanks for your most wonderful comment, Enjoy your Sunday,

  6. Thanks Gregg, Have a joyous Sunday,