Friday, 26 June 2015


Acceptance is an important word
That our lives depend.
For without this virtue,
One could easily go round the bend.

I have now accepted the fact
I am suplus to requirements.
My my kith and kin,
Now that I'm in retirement.

I have written, phoned and emailed,
But from them no response indeed.
But they know where I am
Should they be in amy need.

I have a great sense of humour
That;s been neglected of late.
Not being able to laugh at life
Is something that I hate.

So from this day forward
I'll accept what life has dealt me,
And should I feel unhappy,
I'll take a walk beside the sea.

 Copyright Yvonne Lewis:


  1. Some form of relaxation is a perfect diversion Yvonne!. The day will come when things will turn out to be better certainly! Well penned!


  2. Thanks Hank for your wise words. I'm still hopeful things will turn out for the better,
    That four letter word HOPE is what keeps me going,

  3. You can only control you, not them. Get out and live, go to the beach, make new friends.

  4. I don't wish to control my family,
    Never have wanted to,
    But a little respect from them to me,
    Woulld be an easy thing to do.

    As for me getting out and making friends,
    Health issues are always on the cards.
    I get out if and when I can.
    Somedays it's extremely hard.

    I hope your health is ok,
    And never ties you down.
    Thanks for your "Comment"
    Instead of a laugh, it brought a frown.


  5. Good to be able to get on your blog again. You keep disappearing on me.

    I think you need to do as you've said here. If your kith and kin want to contact you I'm sure they know where you are. Sometimes we just have to let things fall into place--we can't force people to feel like we'd hope they would.

    Walking is good. It's a good time to reflect on life. Try to dwell on the good things and not to think of the bad.

    Does watching comedy movies and TV shows help. They say laughter is the best medicine. I know it's hard to give in to laughing sometimes, but if you can manage a few chuckles it does get easier.

    Take care of yourself Yvonne. We care about you and your sense of well being.

    Wrote By Rote

    1. Thanks Lee for your good advice, point taken.It's just that where I have moved to the people are not very friendly, I may say good morning only to be totlly ignored. I know no-one here and at present can't go to far from home because of the medication I am taking. Enjoy your Sunday,

  6. What wonderful thoughts. Its nice of you to share!