Wednesday, 8 July 2015

IF I WERE A .........

IF I WERE A ........
(I wrote this many years ago
for my second book "Written From The Heart")
If I were a month,
I'd choose the month of May.
For it was in that month
I was born and in my mother's arm did lay.

If I were a day
I'd choose mid-week Wednesday,
For that was the day I entered this world
And have continued my journey.

If I were a time of day
I would choose early morning.
To see the early sunrise
Also hear the birds a singing
If I were a planet 
I would be Venus.
That's the planet of love,
An emotion so good between us.

If I were a direstion
I would choose the East.
That's where the sun rises
Which gives our eyes a feast.

If I were a tree,
I would be a Christmas tree.
Thinking of all the happiness
Within the family.

If I were an animal,
I'd love to be a cat.
To laze in front of the fire
On a lovely fluffy mat.
If I were an instrument,
A piano I'd like to be.
So someone very special
Could run their fingers over me.

If I were a fruit,
A grape is the answer of mine.
For the outcome of a grape
Is the flowing of wine.

If I were a food,
That's an easy one.
For sheer indulgence,
I'd be a fresh cream bun.

If I were a book
That has to be "Eliminate Stress"
To put me on the right track
So life won't be in a mess.

If I were a song
"Hello Darlin" that's what it would be.
Because my dear friend Danny Boy
once sang that especially to me

If I were a flower,
I would be an EnglishRose.
For that was my pen name
When I first started writing prose.

If I were a facial expression,
That would have to be a smile.
Recalling wonderful memories
As I sit here for a while
Copyright Yvonne Lewis.


  1. Wonderful Danny say that song for you.
    I would be a guitar and hope that my wife plays me. Wait, that sounds bad...

    1. Thanks for your message Alex which came over all too loud and clear.......

  2. If I were a planet, I'd be Venus, too, because it's easy to see in the night sky.

  3. Good comment Sherry, thanks for passing by,

  4. Hi Yvonne,

    Wonderfully thoughtful, Yvonne. In your heart and soul, you are all those things and so much more. Have a peaceful day, my kind friend.


    1. Thanks Gary for your lovely comment, much appreciated.
      Hope all is well.

  5. An oldie but a great goldie. Loved this the first time I read it and still like it.

    1. Thanks for your kind words Gregg.

  6. A lot that is wished for in life. A lot is achieved! Appreciating it initially as is done here will make it even more fulfilling when these happen later. Great lines Yvonne!


    1. Your'e so right Hank. Thanks for the comment and visit.