Thursday, 28 July 2016


I was brought up to be honest,
And to mine own self to be true.
Today I will write a few unknown things about me.
And why I feel so blue.

Nine years ago I returned from Sunny Spain,
To set up home with someone I met.
He appeared to be the perfect gentleman.
How could I forget.

All went well for a few months
Then the violence set in.
Covered in bruises on my arms.
I planned to leave him.

Then the "Mental Abuse" began.
Informing me Epilepsy was a "Mad Disease".
Which upset me terribly,
And made me feel ill at ease.

Things and life had to be done "His Way".
He wouldn't speak for days on end.
Which to me was oh so cruel,
I relate this to you friends.

Well eighteen months ago
He gave me cause to cry.
Looking at me with hate in his face
Saying "Why don't you hurry up and die?"

Well to cut a long story short,
We went our different ways.
I found this apartment
Wishing for happier days.

Alas the people here are not friendly,
There is no-one I can call a friend.
I see no-0ne for days on end.
Driving me around the bend.

I do get out and about,
I try to make some friends.
But even on the beach.
No helping hand do they lend.

With my family here estranged,
For reason they won't tell.
Life at times,
Have been a complete hell.

I long to return to Spain.
To reside closeby to my yougest son John.
He has stuck with me through tick and thin,
Him I can rely upon.

I'm not feeling sorry for myself,
I made a terrible mistake.
But I have learned the hard way.
You can't have it all and eat your cake.

I do try to be positive.
Positive as I possibly can.
Not to look back, but think of the future.
The future without that man.
Copyright  Yvonne Lewis 28/07/2016:


  1. So sorry you went through such a dreadful time Yvonne - I can relate to it in many ways. You don't say why the people where you live are so unfriendly - could you maybe move to an apartment somewhere else, one where you would be allowed to have a pet?

    1. Thanks Tigermouse, I do appreciate your comment. I was hoping to return to Spain(my son's idea) but that looks thin on the ground now.

  2. powerful poem and your strength shines through. Honesty can be tough, and thanks for sharing your story. Hang on and I hope sunny Spain is back in your future soon. Take care and you've got a blog community rooting for you

    1. Thank you Joanne for your comment and support, I don't mind living on my own it's the lack of company and friends that is soul destroying.

  3. There is just no excuse for abuse.
    I hope you can get back to Spain soon. Sounds like you were happy there.

  4. It certainly would be great to return to Spain.
    Thanks for coming by Sandra,

  5. I'm sad that you had to go through such a bad ordeal, Yvonne, and hope that it will work out for you to move to Spain. Your son there sounds like he cares for you, so maybe somehow it will come true. Maybe, in the meantime, a neighbor will move in that would enjoy your company. You never know. Hugs and prayers for you.

    1. Thank you Beverly for your support, most appreciated. Also to the other three ladies who took the trouble to comment.