Sunday, 15 February 2015


to start my new blog off to a start
I am putting some of my favourite 
moments poems on,


Ihave had a blog on line
For quite a few years now.
Have had many followers and vice versa
Never a cross word or row.

I'd been a follower of Arlee Bird
Whose blog "Tossing It Out" is great.
He resides in California
One of America's states/

I was going to Los Angeles,
So we decided to meet up whilst there.
As this man approached the hotel door
I knew it was him at first stare.

He took us to Hollywood Boulevard
Via the subway I declare.
I had to pinch myself
To assure I was really there.

We also stopped for a drink
And a bite to eat.
It was wonderful talking  to someone
That on line you usually "Meet".

Arriving back at my hotel
Photographs were the order of the day.
I gave him copies of my two previous books
To remind him of my wonderful day in LA.

Thank you Lee for the honour,
Of taking me around for the day.
I will never forget February 12th 2012
When I met you in LA.

Copyright Yvonne Lewis
from the book
"Moments of my Life".


  1. So sweet. I would love to meet Lee.

    1. Thanks Dixie for your comment, Lee is a lovely man, just as he is on line so he is in person, had a wonderful time that day.

  2. Hi Yvonne. Nice to see you here again.It's so much fun to meet blogger friends. I've met several over the years.

  3. Many thanks Karen, I am back after domestic problems, I am moving next week so I shall be on line when I can after I move.

  4. I left a post, but didn't get the message it needed approval, so will leave again. Hope you don't get two of them. :)
    Meeting friends you know from the Internet sounds like fun. It's great to have such pleasant memories. Lovely picture.

  5. Thanks for the visit Beverly sorry about the mix up.
    Yes it was a grand to remember,