Monday, 26 September 2022


Today the start of a new week,

On the horizon comes new hope.

That life will be better for one and all,

That with the "Downs" if any we can cope.


It is also the last week 

Of this month September,

Hoping you have had

Many happy times to remember.


It's hard to believe how quickly

Time has flown by.

The darker nights now setting in.

Moon in the sky.


Do have a wonderful week,

Hope the sun shines for you.

Even should it rain let the sun shine in you heart,

Bringing happiness to quite a few.



Yvonne Lewis:26/09/2022



Saturday, 24 September 2022


I recall Saturday's past,

Ones of yesteryear.

Before there were world problems,

That has brought many fears.


Today would have been "Market Day"

Where I would love to browse.

Looking at all the new clothes,

Away from sorrow and rows.


I would meet up with friends,

Having a good natter.

Whilst having a coffee and cake,

Taking our  time what did it matter.?


I would go there whatever the weather,

Happiness on face and within heart.

I hope to return to my "Market Day"

As I intend to make a "Fresh Start"


Yvonne Lewis: 24/09/2022: 

Friday, 23 September 2022


Here we are again,

Another weekend in sight.

Hope you have a good one,

Morning, noon and night.


Time to relax after

The business of the week.

Perhaps catching up on reading,

Find the contentment one may seek.


Me? well I will be relaxing,

Having had to catch up with chores.

Watching my Danny Boy on video,

Who could ask for more?


The weather here is rainy,

hope yours is better wherever you may be.

Once again, have a good weekend.

With love to you from me.


Yvonne Lewis: 23/09/2022 

Thursday, 22 September 2022


After climbimg small mountains lately

To try and resume my life.

I have a big mountain to climb

Which is causing me tears and strife.


What is so important?

That question you may well ask.

To me it is of the utmost importance,

A mind boggling task.


You see my family are not speaking to me.

Why ? I've yet to discover.

After sending text and emails with no relies,

Family ties I need to recover.

They mean the world to me,

We've helped one another comewhat may.

But how I yearn for a phone call,

It would certainly make my day.

There is an old adage which says

"You Can Choose Your Friends But Not Your Family,"

In our case it's certainly true.

How I love the friendship shown by all of you.


Yvonne Lewis: 22/09/2022




Wednesday, 21 September 2022


After the past two weeks,

Since The Queen sadly passed away.

I am catching up on chores,

That got "Forgotten " day by day.


I have been watching TV quite alot,

Watching the crowds pay their last respects

To a person who was Queen for seventy years.

A person who we will never forget.


Yesterday caught up with my laundry,

Washed, ironed and neatly put away.

All the others chores that got passed over,

Will get my attention today.


It's been a time of reflection,

Being only eight when she became queen.

I saw her many times when she toured,

But always on the TV screen.


Hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday,

Whatever you may do.

It goes without saying whiltst doing chores,

I'll be thinking of you.

Yvonne Lewis: 21/09/2022






Saturday, 17 September 2022


The onset of the weekend,

I hope it will be great for you.

Whatever your plans many be.

I hope they all come true.


Here the sun is shinning.

High in the sky above.

Putting a smiles on our faces,

And in our hearts much love.


I've just fed my stray cats

That sit outside my front door.

I gives me much pleasure I can relate.

Of that you can be sure.


I sincerely hope you are all well.

As the pandemic is still evident.

When the time is right ....I 'll be there

Much time on the beach will be spent.



Yvonne Lewis: 17/09/2022: 

Friday, 16 September 2022


The problems of the past week solved,

I can sit back and relax.

I have my medic alert working,

That's a sure fact.


I had to continue to phone

The appropriate people concerned.

Made myself a nuicense,

I found out I learned.


But alls well that ends well,

I now feel "Medically Secure".

Don't wish to go through that again.

I can relate for sure.


Also the fire alarm is safe,

It's truly been a weird week.

With the weekend in sight.

Some peace of mind I seek.



Yvonne Lewis: 16/09/2022