Thursday, 17 January 2019


Above is a photo of my late son and wife at work
having fun.
Below is a poem I wrote after I was widowed
over 20 yrs ago.
I put it on my blog today as I had a bad night
going through the grieving process
My mother who gave me the gift of life
Had just passed away.
My husband who was so very ill
Went with her to stay.
You'll see me at my window,
With an intake of breath I sigh.
You'll hear me say just one word.
That one word is "Why?"
Why did this have to happen.
Did I do something wrong?
My questions are so endless,
They go on and on.
I kick through the leaves of Autumn,
Deep in thought am I.
The only word on my lips,
As I just whisper "Why?"
The emotions are so endless,
Anger, guilt, and tears from the heart I cry.
They run down my face unashamedly
As I ask people "Why?"
Perhaps I'll never know the answer
Until the day I die.
As I am gently led by the hand,
I'll then know the reason "Why?"
Copyright Yvonne Lewis 2008:
from the book
Negative V. Positive
Those who have experienced the loss
of a child will understand how I feel.
Those who haven't 
I hope you never will.

Wednesday, 16 January 2019


Well the snow did not materialise,
The weathermen wrong again.
I have a bulging larder after shopping yesterday,
But that to me is no pain.

It is wet , windy and cold,
But I can put up with that.
I will have the lovely company
Of Tennessee my adopted cat.

There too are a few jobs to be done,
They will be done at my leisure.
When all are completed.
I will feel the obvious pleasure.
Have a wonderful Wednesday folk,
Both sides of the sea.
Between doing my chores today,
I will certainly be thinking of thee.
Yvonne Lewis: 16/01/2019


Tuesday, 15 January 2019


After today our weather is going to get wetter
Acording to the TV.
It could also produce that white stuff.
We shall have to wait and see.
Do have a lovely Tuesday,
Whatever your day may bring.
Yesterday was a good day for me.
Like the birds on the wing.
I will go to the shops today,
Just incase it may snow.
Keep my larder stocked up with food.
Thought you may like to know.
Halfway through January already.
My how time does fly.
Christmas and new year a thing of the past,
Letting out one big sigh.
Once again have a good Tuesday,
I'll play life by ear.
And should all go well again today,
I'll let out one big cheer. 
Yvonne Lewis: 15/01/2019:

Monday, 14 January 2019


My mother grew old "Gracefully".
Wish I could say the same.
I find the ageing process most upsetting.
It's certainly not a game.

I take a peep in the mirror.
A stranger stares back at me.
I have more tramlines than San Fransico,
For all the world to see.

Then there are the health issues,
One can't get the treatment one needs.
You visit your friendly doctor,
Who certainly don't take heed.

Loneliness is another thing
That happens as the years proceed.
You try to make friends but get ignored.
Not the sort of feeling one needs.

But there is a lighter side.
When all is said and done.
I have wonderful memories.
When life was a ball having fun.

The happiness my children brought.
As they progressed through the changes of life.
When my son's became a husband,
My daughter became a wife.

Recently I lost my youngest son,
That certainly was not in life's plan.
I miss the phone and text messages,
From that fine young man.

So as this new week starts.
Positivity is still on the cards.
That life will become easier.
And not so terribly hard.

Yvonne Lewis: 14/01/2019:

Saturday, 12 January 2019


Christmas and new year
Now a thing of the past.
It's saturday in winter,
Makes some memories that will last.
Perhaps sitting by a log fire
Or taking a stroll.
Along a deserted beach,
Or perhaps friends may call.
Whatever you're doing
This happy Saturday.
May happiness be in your heart
Comewhat may.
Tennessee has been and gone.
But not before having a cuddle.
I shall be catching up on jobs.
As of late life has been in a muddle.
So whatever you're doing,
Whether rain or shine.
Remember the saying
"Only This Moment Is Mine".
Yvonne Lewis: 12/01/2019:

Friday, 11 January 2019


I went out early today 
Just to the corner shop.
To buy some breakfast cereal
That yesterday I forgot.
As I turned the corner,
What a sight I saw.
It brought tears to my eyes
Which I didn't like at all.
There on the pavement,
Was a young lady , 20years I guess.
Wrapped in a sleeping bag,
Looking quite a mess.
She also had a dog with her,
Who was shivering in the cold.
Although he was wearing a doggy coat.
He was hungry and thirsty I was told.
I gave the girl some cash
To get herself and dog something hot.
She was a very well spoken lass,
Not rude as the usual lot.
When I arrived back home,
In the warmth of my home.
It got me thinking thoughts
About that dog who would love a bone.
Thoughts also came 
About how grateful I should be.
I have a roof over my head,
Although at times I feel self pity.
I gave that young girl some money,
As I thought of my departed son.
I can't help him anymore ,
But a glimmer of hope had begun.

It don't take much to be kind
As one goes on their way.
I hope young lady and dog.
Has a better, better day:

Yvonne Lewis 11/01/2019:

Thursday, 10 January 2019


After a day off the scene yesterday,
I return to see what's going on.
Had not a good night sleeping.
Thinking about my late son John.
I did make my complaint ,
About my therapy wait.
But don't hold out any hopes.
That I can honestly state.
Today is Thursday yet again.
So hopefully off to the market I go.
I also need some provisions.
So my eager face I'll show.
It's still bitterly cold here but dry.
No snow yet have come our way.
That's one thing to be thankful for.
Is what I would like to say.
Tennesssee is having his meal
Before going off on his rounds.
He's such a lovely kitty,
Hardly makes any sounds.
Do have a wonderful Thursday,
Whatever life for you has in store.
After my break from blogging yesterday.
It's good to be back once more.
Yvonne Lewis: 10/01/2019