Thursday, 4 March 2021



First I would like to convey thanks,

Who commented on yesterday's post.

I retired to bed full of thoughts,

Ensuring this thinking time I would make the most.

This vaccine problem is a decision

I have to make real quick.

I know I have to come to my own conclusion

But in the meantime it's making feel real sick.

Should I get a reaction,

I live entirely alone.

I am also epiletic,

And my lifeline is just my phone.


Personally I know of only four people

Who have had this vaccine jab.

All to my knowledge is ok.

For them I am really glad.


I only have a few days to think,

One way or the other.

The doctor paints a "Pretty Picture".

While I know there's another.


Once again thanks to you my friends,

For helping me along this road.

It's good to know there are folk who care.

Whilst carrying this heavy load.


Yourselves have a great Thursday,

Weather and health in good condition.

We here, have the rain again.

Hope it's fine in your part of the nation.


Yvonne Lewis: 04/03/2021:

Wednesday, 3 March 2021



Welcome to march every one.

Hope it will be a better month for all.

As always thanks go to Alex and team

for this amazing group.



I am going through a time,

Of feeling somewhat insecure.

I have this decision to make.

That will effect me for evermore.


You see for a month,

I've awaited my doctor's reply.

Whether or not I can have the jab,

Many inseure moments have gone by.


Yesterday he phoned me,

Saying "All Will Be Well".

But I have reservations.

That to you I tell.


Each time I've had a vaccine

Early on I may add.

I had awful reactions.

At the time felt awfully sad.


But this one is somewhat different,

With it being a pandemic jab.

I know deep down I ought to,

But second thoughts I do have.


I have to let him know by Friday,

As he's going away on leave.

To turn up at his surgery,

And roll up my blessed sleeve.?


Yvonne Lewis: 03/03/2021: 

Tuesday, 2 March 2021



Well, Monday done and dusted,

Here's hopinng Tuesday will be fine.

Have a busy day ahead.

But the pleasure will be mine.

Have various phone calls to make,

Also household chores to be done.

Again my groceries will arrive,

That's my Teusday fun.

Is your day promising

To be a fun day too?

Perhpas going for a stroll,

Admiring all the views.

How I long to "Venture Out".

As in the days gone by.

But we have cases of the "Brazilian Variant,"

That may put back that pleasure..... oh my.

Have a wonderful Tuesday,

Let happiness be within your heart.

A smile to anyone you may see,

Will be a very good start.



Yvonne Lewis: 02/03/2021:

Monday, 1 March 2021



May the new week and month

Bring you happiness.

As we march forward onto spring.

May our problems be very much less.

Looking forward to Mother Nature,

reawakening from winter's gloom and doom.

Leaves returning to the bare trees.

And sunshine filling our rooms.

The birds returning to their nest,

With their most welcome songs.

How lovely it would be if

The world was back where it belongs?

But patience is very much

The order of the day.

Happy new week and month folk

Is what I would like to convey.

Yvonne Lewis: 01/03/2021:

Sunday, 28 February 2021



The last day of Febuary,

March, we welcome tomorrow.

Hoping that it will be peaceful,

And no more added sorrow.

Another lovely day is forcasted today,

Yesterday was great.

Many hours of sunshine.

This to you I state.

I had a wonderful suprise 

On TV  last night.

Danny Boy and family was on a quiz show.

A most welcomed sight.

They won £30,000

For his Irish charity.

It really made my evening.

That was plain to see.

May your February end,

With much peace and happiness.

Hopefully March  will see us all

In not such a mess.


Yvonne Lewis: 28/02/2021.

Saturday, 27 February 2021



Yesterday the blue sky appeared,

As the grey clouds drifted away.

The sun had a smile on it's face,

Throughout  a happy day.


Today the sunshine is already here,

Another lovely day I'm sure.

Although we still have to remain in doors,

It's welcomed even more.


How much clearer things appear

When the sun  has a smile?

I look outside at the street,

Lingering for a while.


I see the stray cats,

The ones I've already fed.

I was up with the lark today,

Too lovely to remain in bed.


I hope your Saturday is good,

Wherever you are today.

Let the sunshine into your hearts.

Should it be raining  down your way.



Yvonne Lewis: 27/02/21.


Thursday, 25 February 2021




A lazy day lies ahead.

As I plan to watch TV.

There's a few programmes I like to view,

After feeding the stray cats you see.


I've had a busy few days,

Sorting out cupboards and drawers.

Found many lost old poems.

That i wrote many years before.


If this world was healthier,

Today would have been market day.

How I've missed that pleasure,

As I've travelled along life's way.


Do have a wonderful Thursday,

As we approach the ending of the week.

May your hearts be filled with happiness.

As contentment in life you seek.



Yvonne Lewis: 25/02/2021: