Tuesday, 6 December 2022


Today being Tuesday 

It's laundry day for me.

Washing away the dirt on my clothes.

Likewise washing away my troubles you see.


Always a job that meeds doing.

But I retain Tuesday to wash cares away.

So I'd better get going on with the job.

Clean clothes in my wardrobe to put away.

What are you up to this Tuessday.?

Hope you have wonderful things to achieve..

Weatherwise it's miserable here,

But must keep smiling....would you believe?




Yvonne Lewis: 06/12/2022




Monday, 5 December 2022



it's Monday, the start of a new week.

As I looked out of my window today,

Thinking that all will be well,

Hope and happiness coming my way.


Those same thoughts are for you dear buddies,

Far across the "Big Pond".

Coming back to blogging has done me good,

Communicating with those that I have become fond.


Coming back is like a breath of fresh air,

Problems going to the back of my mind.

They will get resolved some day in the future,

But one MUST have friends who are kind.

So to each and everyone.

Have a wonderful week to be sure.

That good health and happiness will be yours,

Now and forever more.

Yvonne Lewis: 05/12/2022






Friday, 2 December 2022



The end of another week,

The weekend is almost here.

Have you made plans to enjoy it

Perhaps seeing friends so dear?


But before the commencement of the weekend,

Do enjoy today.

Hoping that health and weatherwise.

Things will certainly go your way.


I'm still cleaning up from bad weather,

Boy! didn't I scream and shout,

But things will get back to normal

Of that there is no doubt.


So happy Friday everyone.

Whatecver  the day may bring.

I shall be quite content dear friends.

Just to listen to Danny Boy sing.



Yvonne Lewis:  02/12/2022















Thursday, 1 December 2022


Welcome to the month of December,

Wishing you all very well.

Hope you're looking forward to Christmas.

Making wonderful memories to tell.


Obviously the children will be very excited,

With the prospect of Santa coming their way.

Many preparations to be made,

Before embracing Christmas Day.


Wishing the weather would be more settled,

But it is winter after all.

Hoping life for you is more settled,

And you're all having "A Ball".


So goodbye to sad November,

Not a good month for me.

But I'm looking forward dear friends,

Weather permitting, for a stroll down by the sea.



Yvonne Lewis: 01/12/2022:


Wednesday, 30 November 2022


The last day in November,

It's time that I return "Home"

To all the friends that I've missed,

My! how the time has flown.


I've had issues with my apartment,

While we endured terrible wind and rain,

Windows had to be replaced.

Causing me yet more heartache and pain.


Well, that is in the past now.

It's time to look ahead,

Christmas on the horizon,

No more lying on the bed,


We still have bad weather coming,

At least that's what we've been told.

But have learned from past mistakes,

If I may be so bold.


It's great to be back yet again.

Lovely to read your posts.

As I try and catch up on blogging life.

Being happy again ,and being able to boast.




Yvonne Lewis: 30/11/2022




Monday, 26 September 2022


Today the start of a new week,

On the horizon comes new hope.

That life will be better for one and all,

That with the "Downs" if any we can cope.


It is also the last week 

Of this month September,

Hoping you have had

Many happy times to remember.


It's hard to believe how quickly

Time has flown by.

The darker nights now setting in.

Moon in the sky.


Do have a wonderful week,

Hope the sun shines for you.

Even should it rain let the sun shine in you heart,

Bringing happiness to quite a few.



Yvonne Lewis:26/09/2022



Saturday, 24 September 2022


I recall Saturday's past,

Ones of yesteryear.

Before there were world problems,

That has brought many fears.


Today would have been "Market Day"

Where I would love to browse.

Looking at all the new clothes,

Away from sorrow and rows.


I would meet up with friends,

Having a good natter.

Whilst having a coffee and cake,

Taking our  time what did it matter.?


I would go there whatever the weather,

Happiness on face and within heart.

I hope to return to my "Market Day"

As I intend to make a "Fresh Start"


Yvonne Lewis: 24/09/2022: