Thursday, 8 June 2023




Yesterday was in hospital,

Was admitted the night before.

Had problems with my vision

Which caused me to fall on the floor.


So today this being Thursday,

Will remain home alone.

Will not attend our market,

But hopefully get some calls on the phone.


I hope your Thursday will be joyful,

All going to plan.

I wish you all health and happiness,

As you live the best you can.


Yvonne: 08/06/2023 

Tuesday, 6 June 2023




After the business of chores yesterday,

I hope today to relax.

There are a few things I want to achieve

I state as a matter of fact.


I hope to "Wander" to the beach,

It's been a while the shore I've seen.

I won't relax completely I know

Until the shore once more I've been.


Then I have to do some shopping,

Closeby to where I reside..

That done and dusted.

Indoors again I will hide.


I have some new cds

That I will listen to with glee.

That dear blooging buddies,

Will be Tuesday for me.


Yvonne: 06/06/2023:




Monday, 5 June 2023





It's Monday, the onset of a new week.

A new week of renewed hope.

That any problems personal and worldwide,

I shall be able to cope.


To cope with what comes my way.

Dreams and goals hopefully fullfilled.

With the sunshine in abundance,

To the beach I want to achieve.....still.


May all your goals and dreams

That you may already have planned.

Be successful one and all.

On our two feet one must stand.


Have a wonderful Monday,

To all in the US and beyond.

Best wishes and happiness I send,

From this side of the "Big Pond".




Saturday, 3 June 2023


As June is evidently here,

Hopefully for you the sun.

We've had gorgeous weather here,

Holiday makers having fun.


The beaches packed to capacity.

Likewise the shops too.

Hope life is wonderful and healthy.

To each and everyone of you.


I hope to be back from time to time,

Until my eye surgery is complete.

Looking forward to return properly.

Old friends  longing to meet.






Friday, 2 June 2023





I will be away for a while longer,

As I have cataracts in both eyes.

Being away so very long 

Is something I do dispise.


I hope all is well will all,

And I hope you have a happy June.

Me? I shall await my treatment.

Listening to Danny Boy Tunes.


Take care.

Yvonne. 02/06/23 

Wednesday, 19 April 2023


Still so very lonely,

Awaiting my new laptop to be set.

Hope to return real soon.

Hoping me, you will not forget.


I sincerely hope all is well

With everyone on ine.

The weather here is very changable,

But today it's extremely fine.


Take care.

Yvonne 19/04/2023


Friday, 10 February 2023


Just to say a new laptop I need.

It's got old like the owner.

Will be returning soon.

Been meant to come back sooner.


So until a new laptop is set up.

Will be returning I hope with glory.

Have lots to catch up on.

So please watvh out for my "Story".


Yvonne. 10/02/2023.