Thursday, 31 March 2022


The last day of March has arrived,

A wonderful month weatherwise.

Have been out more often this month,

Taking in the sunny skies.

I hope your month has been good,

And some normality in life has returned.

I still have quite a way to go myself,

But lessons I have learned.

Tomorrow starts the "A to Z Challenge,"

I hope to participate.

I was there for the very first one,

To miss it I would surely hate.

Have a wonderful day my friends,

Hope all is well healthwise.

In a moment will be out for my walk.

Again under sunny skies.


Yvonne Lewis: 31/03/2022

Monday, 28 March 2022


The onset of yet another new week,

Hoping all goes well for you.

We're having beautiful warm weather here,

Hope likewise it is for you too.

I spend about an hour outside,

Through the duration of the day.

Which is very rewarding for me,

I think I've come a long way.


However since Thursday last,

Power cuts have taken place,

Four complete streets are affected,

Can't be repaired in haste.

We were without electricity last Thursday

For five hours in the afternnon.

Hope they hurry to find the cause soon.

Don't want this continuing til June.

Have a wonderful Monday,

Whatever your plans may be,

Hoping to get to the beach soon.

To take a look at the sea.


Yvonne Lewis: 28/03/2022

Friday, 25 March 2022

 This Sunday we celebrate Mother's Day

here is a tribute to


You were a mum in a million,

One with a heart of gold.

Your first priority was you family,

Your memory will never grow old.

Although your life was very tough,

You taught me right from wrong.

You set me a good example,

Your love made me strong.

I thank you for so many things

You sacrificed for me.

Yes, life was very hard for you,

Dad died when I was three.

Throughout my life you were always there

When I needed you.

Many years ago the roles were reversed

As I spent your last day with you.

As I sat and held your hand,

As you passed from one life to another.

With tears in my eyes, I said my goodbyes,

To a lady I was proud to call Mother.

(from my book Negative V. Positive ) 2008:

Yvonne Lewis: 25/03/2022:

Thursday, 24 March 2022


My,  the week is flying by,

Thursday already I see.

I hope your day is wonderful,

Wonderful as can be,

It used to be Market Day here,

But as yet they have to return.

How I long for days past,

How I do so yearn.

But realistically I know,

That it's the future we must look ahead.

Trying not to be afraid is a must,

After all is done and said.

Once again, do have a happy day,

As Thursday arrives on the scene.

After my walk around the block.

My apartment I have to clean.


Yvonne Lewis: 24/03/2022:

Wednesday, 23 March 2022


Good morning one and all,
A beautiful Wednessday here.
Will be going for my morning walk soon,
Which I love so dear.
I hope you have wonderful plans,
For the coming day.
If you have then I hope,
Everything goes your way.
I never thought that loneliness
Could be so disabiliting.
It opened my eyes thaqt's for sure.
I only hear Dannt Boy sing.
But after all is said and done,
There's folk worse off than me.
Once again I send my good wishes,
From this side of the sea.
Tale care.
Yvonne Lewis: 23/03/2022


Monday, 21 March 2022


Welcome  to spring in all it's glory,

Mother Nature working had I guess.

The long hard winter behind us,

I'm not sad about that I confess.

The  sun has been shinning overtime

These past couple of days.

The birds will be returning home to their nests,

Hopefully also the lovely kittie strays.

I hope all is well with everyone.

Our restrictions all gone for now.

I have been in constant loneliness and pain.

But will have to come out of hiding somehow.

What better day to emerge?

On this glorious spring day.

I do go for walkies around the block

On that subject that's all I can say.

There appears to be some changes on blogger,

Must get used to these.

Not being techincally minded.

Will end up I fear on my knees.

Do have a lovely Monday,

May it go with a swing.

Things can only get better I hope,

Now we are in the season of spring.


Yvonne Lewis: 21/03/2022:


Monday, 14 February 2022


Am still in pain with hands and fingers

,My hospital appointment was cancelled.

Due to more restrictions with Covid.

i feel very let down and failed.


Just popped by to wish you all

Happy Valentines Day.

Hope all is well with you all

Amd everything going your way.



Yvonne. 14/02/2022