Friday, 17 September 2021



We come to yet the end of another week,

Hope it's been a good week for you.

May the weekend be a peaceful one,

So keep on smiling through.


I'm still feeding my stray cats,

More often I've been venturing out.

The sunshine here have been glorious,

That is without a doubt.


Have had phone calls from daughter and son,

Always a pleasure for me.

It's been a good week  I may say,

I actually saw the sea.


So again dear blogging buddies,

Enjoy today and the weekend.

As always from this side of the big pond,

Good wishes to you I send.


Yvonne Lewis: 17/09/2021:




Thursday, 16 September 2021


After my beach walk on Tuesday,

Yesterday took a much needed rest.

So  I switched on You Tube,

To see what music was best.

What I saw took my breath away,

For there was my Danny Boy,

Advertising a new CD soon to be released,

Filling my heart with joy.

You see dear friends one and all,

It will be released in October,

To celebrate his on coming 60th birthday,

In the month of December.

I immediately placed an order,

On Amazon no less.

Something to look forward to,

So happy I confess.

Then I noticed the October date,

15th  I will add.

Three years ago on that date,

My son passed sad.

So it will be bitter sweet this year,

When that date comes along.

Thinking about my departed son,

Whilst listening to Daniel's new songs.

Yvonne Lewis: 16/09/2021:

Tuesday, 14 September 2021



Having got over another 9/11,

Took a break for a few days.

I think the break did me good,

In all so many ways.


Today I did my laundry,

Got the entire lot dry.

Had my snack of a lunch.

Letting out one big sigh.


Decided to go for a stroll,

As the sun had shown it's face.

Today I made a dream come true,

One I will not erase.


You see I actually walked to the beach,

That has been denied so long to me.

Walking there very slowly,

I saw my beloved sea,


I sat there for quite a while,

Then decided to return back home.

I did however catch a cab back,

As it's all uphill to get home.


So as you can see it's a specail; day,

One I will certainly   treasure.

There were a few tears in my eyes,

Thrown in for good measure.



Yvonne Lewis: 14/09/2021:


Saturday, 11 September 2021



As everyone may be aware

Today is the 11th of September.

A day in the calendar,

That the world  will always remember,


The awful attack in New York

Twnety years ago,

Still brings tears to one's eyes,

As the years do go.


I visited "Ground Zero"

Whilst in New York City.

Have lost the photo I declare,

To me such a pity.


I felt very humbled,

That day at the "Ground Zero" site.

To share the sorrow of the folk,

In darkness and in light.


I also have a 9/11 of my own,

To you I will relate.

You see three years previously,

I lost my husband I can state.

(pic above)


Back in 1998  on 11th. September

He lost his battle for life.

So today I will remember him

With happiness .... not tears and strife.


I will recall the happy years,

That we spent together.

Coming out on top,

Through the occasional stormy weather.


I will be also thinking of you all,

As this day proceeds.

A day and date one cannot forget.

Wherever your life my lead.


Yvonne Lewis:09/11/2021




Wednesday, 8 September 2021


We've arrived at midweek Wednesday,

Sincerely a good week so far for you.

Hoping the weather is not too hot.

Cooler days are but a few.


During the recent air display.

My stray cats were also destressed.

They made quick jobs of eating their food,

Off to locate a hiding place I guess.


Have you any interesting plans,

That you would like to achieve,

As this pandemic is still much evident

Would you believe?


Do have a great Wednesday,

Whatever you may do.

Keeping a positive mind,

Bringing happiness in the heart for you.



Yvonne Lewis: 08/09/2021:





Tuesday, 7 September 2021


After the noise of the past four days,

Due to our area  air display.

It's lovely and peaceful this I relate.

In each and every way.

It is extremely hot also,

Too hot to venture out.

There are still many visitors here,

That is without a doubt.


I appreciate many of you get hotter weather,

But here that's not the case.

The birds are also out and about again,

The last few days trying to erase.


Have yourselves a wonderful Tuesday,

Whatever the weather may be.

I will be thinking of you all dear friends,

From this side of the sea.



Yvonne Lewis: 07/09/2021:

Saturday, 4 September 2021


On Thursday a deafening sound

Filled our ears.

It, to me was unexpected,

And filled me with fear.

Then I looked through the window,

It was the famous Red Arrows jets.

The occasion being our Air Display time.

How could I forget.?

We will have at least a few more days,

Of planes going overhead.

No afternoon nap I may say,

As I lay on top of my bed.

But it's good to see some normality

Of this annual event,

After the enforced quietness,

We have so long have spent.


Yvonne Lewis: 04/09/2021: