Wednesday 25 October 2023


Me pictuyed above with my Danny Boy,

Am writing to inform you in life is not much joy.

So until I've had the surgery on my blurry eyes.

Will refrain from blogging until I can see "Blue Skies"



Take care to all my friends.


Monday 16 October 2023


Today my thoughts went back to Nasville,

When I went to a concert by Danny Boy.

It was a wonderful experience I can relate,

Filling my heart with joy.


Above is a pic of me on "Centre Stage",

At the Grand Ole Opry

Saw many photo's of "Counrty Great",

Wonderful is all I can say.


That#s how I got the name of Nashville Cat,

For my own personal blog.

Of late have had problems,

Finding writing one hard slog.


But I have to try and take that "First Step"

To get back on line.

Hope all is doing well,

Feeling healthy, happy and fine.


YVONNE.: 16/10/2023



Sunday 15 October 2023


Above is a photo of myself,

Son and his wife.

Taken years ago in Spain,

Where my son resided many years of life.


Today I think of all the happy times,

I shared with them there.

Rather poignant memories,

Five years today he passed away I declare.


Today I visted the sea,

Looking at the oncoming tide,

Memories buzzing around in my mind,

My sorrow I couldn't hide.


I will return to blogging soon,

Regulary I may add.

I'm still awaiting my eye operations,

Long waiting list...... oh so sad.


Have a peaceful and happy Sunday,

Hope all is well with you.

There are many changes on my pc for blogging,

Which I will have to review.


Yvonne: 15/10/2023


Friday 6 October 2023



As I at last write on line.

Sadness hits the ground.

Above is a photo of my son John.

Who on this earth is no longer around.


He would have been 55 yrs old today,

A fine son , yes indeed.

A text or a phone call.

Would certainly fit my needs.


John passed away five years ago.

Just 9 days after his birthday.

It was the onset of my life changing

In all so many ways.


Yes! October for me is a sad month.

I hope for you it's full of happiness and joy.

Today I pay a tribute to a son

As I say "Goodnight to my John boy"


Yvonne.  06/10/2023











Friday 30 June 2023





Today we say farewell to June,

Another month all dusted and done.

Hopefully it has been a good month

You having plenty of fun.


It is June I've started to return  to things,

That for a long while I couldn't cope.

But taking that first step forward.

After I summoned up enough hope.


Tomorrow we begin July,

Next week celebrations are due.

I also have a celebration on the 4th.

As well as all of you.


Have a great weekend.

Thinking of next week I'm sure.

With weather to compliament each day.

Who could ask for anything more.


YVONNE: 30/06/2023 

Thursday 29 June 2023




Here we are yet again 

Thursday thoughts and dreams.

Hopefully I'll be market bound,

Like last week so it seems.


Our weather is on the turn I state,

Cloud and rain for the next week.

So my outings may be in jeporady,

Hoping the happiness I have will keep.


What are you doing today?

Something exciting or a bore.

Whatever you're doing, i will think of you,

That goes without saying for sure.



Wednesday 28 June 2023




Wednesday has arrived,

The middle of the week.

Hope all is well with you,

With a smile from cheek to cheek.


I had a similar smile just now,

After feeding kitties outside my door,

It's something I look forward to,

Now and forever more.


It's lovely to see them eat and drink,

First thing each and everyday.

They then wander off contentedly,

Purring on their way.


So here's to a wonderful Wednesday,

To your good selves and to me.

If the sun continues to shine,

May find myself down by the sea.


YVONNE: 28/06/2023: