Wednesday, 15 July 2015


 The Mary from Dungloe Festival 2000
The highlight of the millenium year,
Was my first visit to The Emerald Isle.
From the moment we stepped ashore
We were greeted with a smile.

We arrived at Letterkenny
The bas of our few days' stay.
With great anticipation
Eagerly awaited for the big day.

We looked around Dungloe,
While waiting for the concert to begin.
We wasn't disappointed,
When Daniel began to sing.

A great night's entertainment,
With our photo's taken to end the night.
During the next couple of days
We were taken to see the sights/

What a beautiful country?
With it's mountains oh so high.
Also the rivers that made their way
Through the valleys..we could only sigh.

The day of Daniel's "Tea Party" arrived.
We made an early start.
There was an air of excitement
Also many happy hearts/

After several hours of waiting,
We stood by Daniel's side.
A peck on the cheek, our photo's took
Our smiles a mile wide.

At the end of the tour a barbecue was held
Outside    "The Viking House Hotel".
It was the perfect ending
As we bade new friends farewell.

Back on the homeward ferry,
With happy memories to recall
With the grace of God next year,
I'll be back.......Destination Donegal.

Daniel singing to the crowds in Dungloe.

Copyright Yvonne Lewis 2000.
From the book
Negative V. Positive.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful experience!

  2. It was my first visit to Ireland and yes it was a wonderful experience.
    Thanks for coming by much appreciated.

  3. I envy you. I never got to see or meet my favorite singer. Good for you.

  4. Thanks Gregg for coming by, always a pleasure to hear from you.