Tuesday, 5 April 2016


This month I will copy the "Blurb" 0f my fourth poetry book/
I am a little insecure but also very excited on it being let
loose on the public. 

This is the poet's fourth book.
This is an unique book in every sense of the word. The poet set herself a challenge so that every  poem had a title of a song recorded by
Irish singer Daniel O Donnell. She succeeded
with her challenge. I'd say exceeded all expectations. The poems evoke emotions of every kind, for example happiness, desperation, joy, also hope. She also shows her uncoditional love for her two sons and daughter plus her four granchildren.An emotion all mother's I know experience.

"Srand Beside Me Danny Boy" will I'm sure touch your heart as you read through this wonderful poetic"Adventure", The poet opened up her feelings when told many years ago she had Epilepsy. How it affected her life then and how in recent years stigma and discrimination has reared it's ugly head. The ........"And Finally" poem is wonderful but be sure to have a tissue ready.

Ms Lewis has taken her poetry talents to new heights and added something special to
Daniel O Donnell songs.
                                     Alex J. Cavanaugh, science fiction best-selling author.

"Yvonne Lewis has that rare ability to touch the heart as well as tickle the funny bone in each of her
collections of poetry. Her work is the kind of verse anyone can enjoy. I've been enjoying her work for
the past several years. It;s always a bright day when another Yvonne Lewis collection comes my way.
                                             Arlee Bird.

I have enjoyed Yvonne's poetry for a long time now and I am delighted she's continuing to write
and allow people to enjoy her work. I wish her all the best with this new collection of poetry and
I hope you have enjoyed reading it as much as I have.
                                                                             All the best.
                                                                                   Daniel O Donnell.

Ps: The photo above is the entance of "The Grand Ole Opry Nashville TN.
                                                                   Enjoy this busy month.


  1. I have not heard of this poet so will have to look up her
    work as you have me intrigued now in her work.

    1. I am the poet involved with this post, I have written three other poetry books with the fourth about to be released.
      I have been writing poetry for about 17 years.Also have the poetry blog. Thanks for your interest.

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    1. Many thanks Diane, lovely of you to visit and so much appreciated.

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    1. Of course your qoute was included, your help made the book possible for me to complete it.

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    1. Many thanks Christina, much appreciated.

  5. Good for you, Yvonne!

    I'm usually skeptical mentioning errors but in the blurb it should read "a unique book." I hope you don't mind that I pointed that out.

    1. Thanks Chrys for pointing it out, didn't mind in the least.
      Thanks for the comment and visit.