Friday 6 October 2023



As I at last write on line.

Sadness hits the ground.

Above is a photo of my son John.

Who on this earth is no longer around.


He would have been 55 yrs old today,

A fine son , yes indeed.

A text or a phone call.

Would certainly fit my needs.


John passed away five years ago.

Just 9 days after his birthday.

It was the onset of my life changing

In all so many ways.


Yes! October for me is a sad month.

I hope for you it's full of happiness and joy.

Today I pay a tribute to a son

As I say "Goodnight to my John boy"


Yvonne.  06/10/2023












  1. So very sorry, Yvonne. Thoughts and prayers with you today.

  2. Thank you Alex for your comforting words, much appreciated.

  3. So very sorry that you're going through a sad time. I have recurring ones during the end of November and early December. My sister's and late husband's birthdays would have been then and my sister died in early December. That's always a hard time of the year for me.

  4. Hello Natalie, thank you for your comment, I am sorry you too have a bad time of the year like myself. Hope you get throuth it okay when the time arrives.
    Take care.

  5. Very sorry it's such a sad time for you.

  6. Thank you Diane for your comment, it is very much appreciated, I hope you are well and happy.

  7. Very glad you are back, but this is a rather difficult post. Hard to come back, and yet just right to share in writing your loss. In turn, we feel for you, so it's a big hug all around. I sure hope you are much better after your physical difficulties this summer - I know you were hoping for some eye surgery? Anyway - I hope all is better and that you can get to market, get to see your lovely beach, etc. Fresh air certainly helps the spirits and October air tends to be crisp and refreshing. We are finally past our horrific heat here and can breathe again. Take care and do post - the connection in blog world is a positive for us all!!!!

    1. Thank you Joanne for your kind message, today(Sunday) is five years sinnce John passed away. I am very lonely as my other two kids don'y keep in contact. Hope you are well and your weather is now back to some normality. I have to wait until January to see hospital doctor as they are behind with patients appoinments due to the pandemic and doctors going on strike.
      If there are any spelling mistakes its due to sight being blurry..
      Take care.