Wednesday, 18 January 2017


OK! I should be in Spain,
But I awoken yesterday in considerable pain.
The reoccurrance of that back injury two weeks ago.
Reared it's ugly head again,did agony in my face show?

I was glad I was in the comfort of home,
What would I have done In Spain.
How could I have taken the dog for a walk?
In all this lumber back pain.

They say everything happens for a reason,
I'm sure this must be true.
Was I meant to fly abroad last Sunday?
I'm beginning to see that point of view.

Having had back surgery years ago.
I know how the pain can linger on.
But one thing for sure.....on his return from Mexico,
I'll contact my dear son John.

Copyright Yvonne Lewis 18/01/2017


Monday, 16 January 2017


I set my alarm clock Saturday night,
As yesterday had a busy day.
Well the alarm clock failed to awaken me.
And the price I am going to pay.

You see I was travelling to Spain
To dogsit for my son.
I was really looking forward to it.
Thinking of all the fun.

When I did awaken yesterday,
It was way past take off time.
I immediately sent a text message to my son.
........Well lets say things are not at all fine.

He has blocked me 
From getting through on the phone.
No more HE dosen't want me.
Now I'm totally alone.

He is off to Mexico tomorrow.
Perhaps he'll have a change of heart.
But I very much doubt it.
On my own will have to make a fresh start.

I don't really blame him,
After all is done and said.
I should have ensured the alarm clock .
Was set properly before retiring to bed.

Tearfully I unpacked my suitcase,
To the depths of despair I have gone.
I have only myself to blame
Why I have lost my son John.

Copyright Yvonne Lewis: 16/01/2017

Sunday, 15 January 2017


"I took the title of this song to
write this poem to my family years ago.
By the way they're still learning)

I don't care for riches, diamonds, silver or gold.
Or to reside in a palace as they're very often cold.
You see my life's requirements are very, very few.
Just think of me once in a while that's all I ask of you.

I don't need a flash car to get me from here to there.
I can use Shank's Ponies to get me some fresh air.
I love to smell the flowers that herald the coming of spring,
All I ask of you is sometimes just give me a ring.

I don't need servants to be at my beck and call.
The mundane task around the house,I will do them all.
I'll clean the carpets thoroughlyand the windows too.
Please pay me a visit one day, that's all I ask of you.

I don't take life or things for granted.....not anymore.
Life is for living of that I'm very sure.
Count your blessings daily, I'm sure you've quite a few.
Wear a smile upon your face, that's all I ask of you.

Be motivated your goals to achieve,
Don't be down in the mouth and wear your heart on your sleeve.
Hold your head up high and to yourself be true.
That my dear three children is all I ask of you.

Please don't bear grudgers as you travel along life's way.
One never know if you require help on some future day.
Treat others as you wish to be treated too.
Let sunshine into your life, that's all I ask of you.

Finally comes respect and love.
That comes with the experience of life.
From the moment of birth until you become a husband or wife.
Let your own children learn these things all their lives through.
To respect and love their parents, that's all I ask of you.

*Photo taken many years back
When family life was a ball.
I'm still as proud as I was then,
Although I don't see them at all*


Copyright All Rights Reserved Yvonne Lewis 2011:
From the book
"Written From The Heart".

Saturday, 14 January 2017


Yesterday the sun was shinning bright,
In my lounge it was extremely hot.
I had to venture out to the shops.
What a shock I got.
It was bitter, bitter cold outside.
As the wind it did blow.
I didn't expect such extreme weather.
It really goes to show.
How appearances can be deceptive,
Even when it comes to the sun.
I had visions of going for a walk.
And maybe have some fun.
I hurried to and from the shops,
Put the heating on.
Then cheered myself by playing.
One of Daniel's songs/
It's forecast likewise today,
Well I don't need to go out.
I'll just do some task around the apartment.
That's what life's all about.

Friday, 13 January 2017


 I was at loss years ago as to what to write
so wrote this poem:
I originated from the garden.
Along with quite a few others.
I know not how we got there,
Or indeed if we had any mothers.

We were cased in a "Green Covering",
That I learnt is called a"Pod."
When we are the right size,
We are shelled and let loose..."Oh My God."

From then we are on our own.
Left to our own devices.
Stored in tins or bags.
And sold at various prices.

Of course we can be made into a soup,
That many people enjoy.
Served at posh restuarants.
Where chefs and waiters they employ.

With bated breath my fate awaits me.
Am I to be frozen or tinned.
Stacked in a supermarket store,
Awaiting to give people wind.

The judgement day has arrived.
All frozen and then boiled.
I was put on a plate with salad leaves,
Then salted, peppered and oiled.

Everything on the plate was eaten.
Except little ole me.
Next time you eat in a restuarant,
Take pity on the small humble pea.

Copyright All Rights Reserved Yvonne Lewis:
From the book:
Moments of My Life 2014:

Wednesday, 11 January 2017


On Monday evening,
On my laptop I played a DVD.
It was most enjoyable,
Until I tried to close down you see.
The DVD would not come out,
There were notices all over the screen.
I tried every possible scenario.
How I wanted to scream.
I disconnected my laptop,
Finally went to bed.
Totally fed up,
After all was done and said.
Yesterday I commenced to continue,
To get my laptop in gear.
But it didn't want to know.
Against my new found fears.
I phoned the "PC Doctor".
He was fully booked yesterday.
I was totally lost without my laptop.
Is all I can honestly say.
However today is another day.
And a different story to tell.
My laptop have been repaired.
So alls well that ends well.
Copyright Yvonne Lewis 11/01/2017:

Monday, 9 January 2017


While people are experiencing bad weather
I thought a tree in spring may cheer them up.
I wrote this many years ago and won a local poetry prize.
The tree outside my window,
Are blossoming with buds of spring.
Way up in this tree,
The birds begin to sing.
Their song is for the present.
They've forgotten yesterday.
They don't sing of tomorrow,
For that another day.
They hop from branch to branch,
In this tree so old and tall.
This tree must know many secrets,
But it does not tell a soul.
How many people in love
Have kissed beneath this tree?
As the moon shone from above,
Over land and over sea.
As the evening approaches,
The birds songs are full of sorrow.
Perhaps they are thinking
Will I be here tomorrow?
In the middle of the night,
You'll hear the hoot of the old owl.
And there beneath the tree,
The sly fox on the prowl.
As the hours tick on by,
As we hearlad a new dawn.
The rising of the sun,
The dew upon the lawn.
There in the midst of the beauty,
Stands my faithful tree.
The birds are singing songs of love,
But sadly not for me.
For I have loved and lost.
No more will him I see.
But high in Heaven above.
He too can see my tree.
Copyright All Rights Reserved:
Yvonne Lewis 2008:
From the book Negative V. Positive: