Saturday, 25 February 2017


Take a deep breath and relax,
It's Saturday once again.
Forget the trials and tribulations of the past week.
Put a smile on your face again.

Do all the things you REALLY want to do,
No matter what lay undone.
They will still be there another day.
It's the week-end, time for fun.

Personally I've had an horrendous week,
Except for Thursday that I know.
But I am going to relax and take care.
And a happy me let the world show.

Although the weather is gloomy,
My heart has the sun shinning through.
So to all my on line friends.
A great week-end I wish you.


Thursday, 23 February 2017


Hi to you all Thursday today.
Hope happiness is yours comewhat may.
We've had rain here throughout the night.
But Hey ! everyone the sun is shinning it's light.
It's market day for me,
If the sunshine persists.
Looking for bargains
Is a must I insists.
Also the many other people,
Who venture out each week.
They too bring happiness to me,
As bargains they too do seek.
Going for a coffee and slice of cake,
Is pure  indulgance of my part I declare.
But once in a while surely won't pile on the pounds.
Well, that's my excuse so let people stare.
May your Thursday be all it should be,
Possibilites and dreams come true.
That at the end of this wonderful day.
You can to the Good Lord say "Thank You".
Copyright Yvonne Lewis 23/02/2017:

Wednesday, 22 February 2017


 My imagination and sense of humour urged me to write
this poem:
Over the hill and far away.
I sit and watch the children play.
There among the lambs and sheep,
Sits their friend "Little Bo Peep".

I glance around to a different angle,
And believe it or not in the corner
 Sat there eating his Christmas pie,
Was a boy named "Jack Horner".

There was a stray dog running around.
Looking all hungry and meek.
He belong to "Old Mother Hubbard",
Whos food cupboard looked rather bleak.

The cat was playing the fiddle.
 As the cow jumped over the moon.
Mother Hubbard's dog was howling
 As the dish ran away with the spoon.

Then I saw "The Owl and the Pussycat",
Who had just got wed.
They lingered beneath a tall oak tree,
To seek a make shift bed.
With all this going on,
As I watched the children play.
I came back to earth with a bump,
Looking over the hill and far away.
Copyright Allrights Reserved Yvonne Lewis
from the book
Moments of my Life 2014:

Tuesday, 21 February 2017



(I wrote this many years ago after my two berevements,
I also think it reflects my current situation
regarding my family.)
Today for me the sun shone
Although it was pouring with rain.
For I awoke this moring
With less heartache and less pain.

It was a lovely feeling ,
I've got plans to make.
I have to think positive,
If only for my sake.

I have some dreams in mind,
That I'd like to fullfill.
There's a little voice within me saying,
"I Can, I Can, I Will".

First I want to make a stand,
Let no-one put me down.
I want to wear a smile on my face,
Not some gloomy frown.

If I want to sail the "Seven Seas",
Or climb the mountains high.
If I want to make my mark in life.
Then at least I have to try.

Of course I can't forget my loved ones
Who have already passed on. 
Neither can I ignore the fact,
Today the sun has shone.
So I'll  start this new chapter in my life.
With my loved onesd by my side.
For I'll never know what I can achieve.
If I haven't really tried.
Copyright , All Rights Reserved Yvonne Lewis
From the book.
Negative V. Positive. 2008

Monday, 20 February 2017

I AM........

I AM.....
I AM that same person,
I was the day I first became a mum.
I AM still a loving mother,
And will be throughout the time to come.

I AM still that same person,
Who saw the kids through their cheers and fears.
I AM not very far away in thoughts,
For them I will always be here.

I AM still the bewildered person,
That I'm surplus to requirements.
I AM so heartbroken,
That I, they no longer want.

I AM looking forward to the spring,
A time of refreshed hope.
I  AM  the sort of person,
Who want to be able to cope.

I AM first a loving mum / grandmother,
I suppose I always will
I AM  a person with some goals 
That I wish to fullfill.

I AM by nature a positive person.
To do the best I can.
I AM through my faults and assets.

Copyright Yvonne Lewis 20/02/2017:

Sunday, 19 February 2017


May your Sunday be peaceful,
With happiness galore.
May all your plans go with a swing.
Now and forever more.

May people along the pathway,
Give you a welcomed smile.
Don't forget to smile yourself.
Along each and every mile.

I hope the sun will shine on you,
Albeit a cloudy sky.
Yes ! have a "Happy Sunday"
Only tears of happiness cry.


Friday, 17 February 2017


The onset of the week-end is nigh,
It's Friday ! where has the week gone.
Have it been a horrendous week?
Or a week full of fun.
Mine has not been too good,
But hopefully relax over the week-end.
I sincerely hope yours go to plan,
As good wishes to you I send.
Each and everyone of you,
For your support I thank you.
Let the onset of the coming week-end.
Bring happiness to you.